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First, you need to know what HEDIS is.  Check out this link from NCQA to familiarize yourself with this term.

There is a HEDIS “season”.  This work is usually completed anywhere from January to June and can vary in length by the assignment and company you are working for.  The HEDIS nurse is abstracting or collecting data from medical records.   Most positions are home-based but also require travel from home office to multiple, local, on-site provider offices or facilities.  Usually the nurse can set their own schedule.  Some abstract companies hire non-nurse employees to travel and scan data onto the computer and the nurse will review scanned records from home; this alleviates time and travel for nurses and more efficiency to get through chart information.  This is usually contract work and the nurse is paid hourly or by the number of records completed.   Most companies require a short training prior to the season to train on updated regulations, requirements, or technology that will be used to retrieve the data.  To search for these jobs, you can use words like Abstract Jobs, HEDIS Jobs, Nurse Auditor jobs.   Employer terms to search for our Medical Analytics, Healthcare Analytics, HEDIS, abstracting, medical auditing.